Who we are


Calendar Cars trading as Sparkle Carwash Café
We are new to the carwashing industry and are eager to have your cars cleaned and professionally detailed by our experienced staff whom come to us when our business started up. All vehicles are washed by hand by experienced wash personnel. Handwashing your car means you will be sure that the wheels are cleaned properly. Hand washing uses less water than machine washed vehicles.
There is free coffee, while you are getting your carwashed. There is also plenty of sweet and or savoury foods to choose from, fresh from our suppliers at Balfours. During your meal you can catch up on work, or play with our free wifi available to our valued customers. We are soon going to run a free carwash competition on our Facebook page, like us there to find out how you can get involved.
We also provide a waxing and detailing service to our customers, so that your cars are always sparkling clean.